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Join us in our breakfast room as we launch this new adventure to bring help,hope and healing to blended families ....

A tribute to my friend, Ed Yates

Dear friends and family, Today I heard my dear friend has passed away. My heart is broken and very saddened. Just 10 days ago he sent me this email to encourage me... Craig and Gina: Many, many thanks for your delightful, thoughtful, and original expression! God bless you and yours! I pray for you a joyous and delightful Christmas celebration which captures the glory and

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Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

Dear friends and family,   Is it "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas"? Oh, I know the politically correct term - "Happy Holidays." But with this year's COVID-19, the political landscape, and the social unrest, you might not feel very "happy", let alone "merry". Add to that, your family may be splintered, or you may have lost a loved one this y

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