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Join us in our breakfast room as we launch this new adventure to bring help,hope and healing to blended families ....

Invest Into Your Family & Other Families

Dear friends and family, Many ministries have been hit hard. COVID-19 has changed schedules, routines, even normalcy. But it can't cancel our #BlendedTogetherForever community. Nor #BlendedTogether generosity. Or kindness to other struggling stepfamilies. This is why it's important now than ever to be a blessing to other families. We are asking our friends and family to consi

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The Most POWERFUL Testimony…

Dear friends and family, THIS VIDEO IS BOLD. Ariel Delgado from Family-iD has one of the most powerful testimonials I’ve ever heard. When he first told me his story, I took pages of notes. He is an incredible man making a difference with his life. He knows the pain of divorce, and he's seen the effects of alcohol, porn, and poverty. When hearing some of the issues and circumstan

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