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Join us in our breakfast room as we launch this new adventure to bring help,hope and healing to blended families ....

Good Friday 2021

Dear friends and family, Good Friday can seem like anything but "good". My friend and pastor said a few minutes ago at the 12 noon service that we tend to rush to Easter Sunday and fail to stop on Friday. I agree; I think it’s good for all of us to stop - to stop and mourn in a godly, healthy way. When I reflect on this day, entitlement leaves me. Selfishness leaves me

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Doug, Charlie, and The Balancing Act TV Show

Dear friends and family, I met a couple of guys today for breakfast, Doug and Charlie. I was there to do a learning luncheon - you might say a learning breakfast - with men who are older and wiser. Do you do that? Two weeks ago I ran into Doug, with his buddies Rod and Charlie, by accident at the same restaurant. Doug overheard me say my former job was at NCR and he spoke u

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