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Doug, Charlie, and The Balancing Act TV Show

Dear friends and family,

I met a couple of guys today for breakfast, Doug and Charlie. I was there to do a learning luncheon – you might say a learning breakfast – with men who are older and wiser. Do you do that?

Two weeks ago I ran into Doug, with his buddies Rod and Charlie, by accident at the same restaurant. Doug overheard me say my former job was at NCR and he spoke up at the end of my breakfast, introducing himself. We actually worked at the same office on Live Oak Street! Another God wink…

Rod looked familiar. So I asked, “Rod, you look familiar… Have we met?” Quick as a whip, he responded, “Have you ever been in jail?”

I laughed, immediately liked these guys, and invited them to meet for breakfast. Today we did just that. Doug and Charlie came, but no Rod.

I asked the questions – these guys have the answers. I was there to learn.

They’re all in their 80s now. They watch out for each other. Doug also told me that their “closest friends have really been developed later in life.”

And a couple of Charlie’s favorite sayings were, “Inactivity breeds inactivity” and “Accept your weaknesses”.

They all live together in assisted living, and invited me to come over. Which I will do.

“Rod was friends with President Reagan and Bob Hope” Charlie said. With his witty quips I can see why.

When I go over, I’m sure I will ask Rod to tell me about President Reagan, and more about Bob Hope.

All of a sudden, Rod walks in with his wife, Sue and I get to meet her, too.

For everyone who is in the “senior” category, we need you! I know and believe with all my heart, we need you! You’re the wise, godly, influential men and women we need to learn from.


And God knows, the millennials need you (Don’t email me, I LOVE millennials and have the privilege of working with them)! They are going to help me change the world.

On another note, The Balancing Act TV show called yesterday and is interested in filming Gina and I for an upcoming segment. We do believe marketing and advertising needs to be part of our strategy going forward, but should we do this? We believe our time and attention should also be in a deep, local market. For those of you who love us and our mission but also have marketing and advertising strengths, we would love to hear your input. Please email me at Thank you for helping us make the family WHOLE again. God bless you!
Making the family WHOLE again,
Craig & Gina
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