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DRAW THE CIRCLE: Craig’s Testimonial


Gina and I have been spending the past 40 days going through Mark Batterson’s book “Draw The Circle” with our team and since finishing it, I wanted to share some personal insights.

Two important points: I am not elevating me, or my testimonials whatsoever​.​ I am only elevating our Lord Jesus Christ who died for me, paid for all my sins and it is for His glory that I share. Number two, it was my wife Gina​ – ​not myself ​ – who was impacted first. I have told her more than once I have seen how God spoke to her, then added me and we see this multiplying to others.



MAR 28: One of our children, a​n ​estranged relationship, comes to our home and visits. God orchestrated that.

MAR 29: Adding Jorge Rojas and Andy Costa to our team to go to the next level in business and the ministry.

MAR 30: Andres Barrera of Family ID wants to translate our book, ​”​​B​uilding ​B​locks​”, into Spanish ​to​ reach ​more ​people.

MAR 31: God leads me in my quarterly review to​ “​Chase God​”​ and gives me five questions in five minutes to ask our key leaders​, i.e. what is your most important goal for 2021​, w​hat has kept you on track, w​hat has got​ten​ you off track​, etc. ​I have lunch with Kurt McGregor who encourages me to market ​BTF too.

APR 1: I do my stress test. Blood flow is good. I kneel in the parking lot thanking God ​that​ I can do the work that ​He​ ha​s​ called me to do.​​ Later that day I meet and pray with Randy Norman who tells me not only did he get the book ​”​D​raw ​T​he Circle”​ ​but he is encouraging his team to go through it with him. Later that evening at 6:30PM my prayers are answered. My oldest son, Justin and his wife Kelsie are going to have​ ​a baby boy​!​ Thank you Lord Jesus! Later that evening we do our​ Maniac ​Q​uarterly ​R​evie​w​ with MJ Mariani. God is building this third championship team!

APR 2: Good Friday​… ​or is it? I watch the first hour of the ​”​Passion of the Christ​” ​and God leads me to identify with Peter. I think of letting my flesh get in the way, my denial, even my betrayal, realizing ​that ​I am no different nor better than anyone. Thank you Jesus for saving my soul.

APR 3: I apologize to my son​-​in​-​law for a past blow up​, telling him “I am responsible”. All leaders are​ responsible​.​..​and I needed to make this right.

APR 4: Easter service with a broken yet redeemed, forgiven and loved, growing and maturing family. Grateful to be used by the Lord to point others to Him. #OnlyGod.

Listen to the disciples comments to Jesus about prayer.

The disciples didn’t say, “Lord, teach us how to preach.”

They didn’t say, “Lord, teach us how to lead.”

They said, “Lord, teach us to pray.”

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