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Please watch this personal video message from Craig & Blended Together Forever.

You may give cash gifts securely online on the donate page of our website.

If you wish to give stock gifts to Blended Together Forever by electronic transfer, please give your broker our account name, account number, and DTC number for our Scottrade account. The ministry maintains an account with Scottrade.

Blended Together Forever is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Our Scottrade account number is 17879008 and the DTC number is 0705. If your broker needs any information from us, please have them contact Simon at (972) 943-8989.

In order for us to give you proper credit for your contribution, please notify us of the number of shares and the name of the stock(s) that you are transferring. Our phone number is (972) 589-5275 and email may be sent to

Happy New Year,
Craig and Gina Morgan

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