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Go see the movie, Like Arrows

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In Theaters May 1 and 3

Did you know that over 800 theaters across the US are signed up to show Like Arrows on May 1 and 3? Get your tickets now, and while you’re at it, this is a great time to pick up tickets for friends or family members who may be inspired by this great story of faith, parenting and legacy!

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New Music Video – LIKE ARROWS by Matt Hammitt!

Matt Hammit, the former lead singer of Sanctus Real, has written an incredible song that is the title track for our film. And we want to share the new video with you! Check it out!



Matt Hammitt – Like Arrows

See Matt Hammitt's official music video for #LikeArrows! Parenting is a journey, and it's one to be made with intentionality. From FamilyLife, Pro-Family Films, and executive producers The Kendrick Brothers, this film hits theaters on May 1 & 3! Find a theater near you at

Posted by Like Arrows on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ministry Partner: Bible Belles

Author Erin Weidemann knows that today, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who are noticed. To combat this, Erin created The Bible Belles, an extraordinary series of books that make a different kind of noise! The Bible Belles tell the stories of Biblical superheroes: Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth and Deborah. The names of these five women represent a journey that every girl can take to become someone who uses their voice to make a unique impression on the world: her own journey to be HEARD!

Bible Belles has a message for women of all ages, as Erin is also the host of the Heroes for Her podcast, where she interviews positive role models who are working hard, loving others, and inspiring women to serve their unique purpose. Make sure you check out the Heroes for Her podcast where Erin interviews our own Bob Lepine.

Listen to the full Podcast Here!

Proud Parent: Stephen Kendrick

We asked several of the creators of Like Arrows to tell us a “Proud Parent” story. Today, Stephen Kendrick, Executive Producer of Like Arrows, shares the story of a lunch with his teenage son:

“When any of my six kids becomes another year older, they know that I will be picking them up and taking them out on a “birthday lunch date with dad” at a restaurant of their choice. Afterwards, we usually visit a store for a reasonably priced gift and then lastly land somewhere for some great ice cream. One year, while riding alone with my teenage son on his birthday, he smiled and turned to me and said, “Dad, I’m fifteen years old today and am so grateful that I have never looked at pornography.” I was not expected this to be his birthday conversation of choice, but was truly blessed to hear it. Knowing that so many young men struggle in this area, I was so proud that my son was celebrating his avoidance of it as a badge of honor. I am grateful to the Lord for my son and for so many answered prayers in his life.May we all continue to pray that God would deliver us and our families from evil.”

Bring a Group

PARENTING IS A JOURNEY, and often it’s a challenging journey. Every parent (and grandparent!) is aware of that fact! So why not link arms with other parents and take on the challenge together. DON’T GO TO IT ALONE! Group tickets to see Like Arrows are available at a discounted rate – so grab some friends and join together in raising the next generation!


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