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Podcast #6 – Interview with Friends James and Monica Shaw.

We want to introduce you to James and Monica Shaw, who are a blended family that we have come to love. Before getting married, they dated for several years long distance. That time allowed them to really get to know each other personally, through hours of phone conversations and weekends together.  When they decided to get married, they carefully introduced their children to the relationship, and made plans for the future together.  James and Monica have six children together, two from Monica’s first marriage, two from James’ first marriage, and now two together.  Their kids now range in age from 17 years old to two.

The first few years of blending their family were really tough.  They were good at breaking up a marriage, but they did not have the skills to stay in the marriage.  While not giving up, they surrounded themselves with people who would encourage them and support them. They worked hard to learned how to communicate, work through challenges, and adjust their expectations of each other. They drew guidance and strength from scripture. The verse they claim for their family is:

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” Ephesians 5:21

So desperate to give their children and different view of marriage and family, they have come full circle and are committed to share the message of God redemption of their lives.



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