Blended Together Forever Podcast

Talk with Craig and Gina Morgan

Join us in our breakfast room as we launch this new adventure to bring help,hope and healing to blended families ....

Conversation with Rick Lamb

This week Craig joins a conversation with Pastor Rick Lamb from Northside Baptist Church in Corsicana,Texas.  In this conversation Pastor Rick and Craig look realistically at how churches think about blended families.  Rick shares that most churches are aware that they have blended families in their congregation, but don't fully understand the special needs of these families.   Rick share how

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Second Marriage Success

Craig and Gina shared insights to the highs and lows of their marriage as well their insights to making your second marriage a priority and increase the odds of success. Approximately 65% of second marriages end in divorce. To break they cycle of divorce couples must take action to change their patterns of behavior. To be successful, you must identify patterns of behavior from your first marriage

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