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How’s Your Prayer Life Recently?


In our last blog I mentioned Dominique Flores, pictured after he won the three point competition last year while at the Band of Brothers Bootcamp.
Quite interesting timing, since I’m at the Band Of Brothers again today as this blog goes out. Another interesting thing about God’s timing: my wife Gina challenged a group of us to write down the last seven days of our prayer life. Within hours of doing so, Dominique sends me an article he wrote reinforcing the exact same thing!
Here is Dominique’s article below. Be encouraged, be challenged, and definitely after you read his article don’t live “safe”.


How is your prayer life and your walk with Christ?

Many will probably say “pretty good” but really look within and ask if you are truly seeking God for His Will and fulfilling His will in your life. I am starting off like this because so many play it safe when it comes to prayer and their walk with Christ. Listen up though because I make this statement humbly and boldly: there are so many in their places of worship who are lukewarm and are settling for an unfulfilled life in Christ but don’t have to be.

My question is why are we so unfulfilled when God has touched our hearts with a fire that is unquenchable?

It really blows me away because the God that touched my heart, Jesus Christ, is the one I want to know all about in His word; He is the one I want to have this amazing relationship with, and is all I can talk about these days. I want to communicate with Him constantly in prayer, waiting with my every breath for the moment He speaks to me and when He does, He always disrupts my plans to fulfill His.

So again, why do we live such safe lives when God is trying to disrupt our lives in a fallen world? Isn’t there more to this walk with Christ than just attending worship services, praying safe prayers, and living ordinary lives?

God wants to fulfill so much more in our lives but also to do it for His plan and kingdom. It is for His glory not ours. There is a problem though… so many are unwilling to allow God to disturb and disrupt their comfortable way of living. I say this because no Christian in the Bible lived a comfortable life, so let’s just get that out of the way.

So why are we looking for a safe place and comfort in this world when our safe place is in Jesus? Why are we looking for settled life in a fallen world when we are supposed to have abundant life in Christ, sharing the gospel in a world that is against us. This doesn’t sound safe to me!

Why do we think a comfortable life in this world is a blessed life in Christ? Unfortunately this is what is being preached behind the pulpit.

A blessed life to many in today’s world is their status, income, possessions, cars, houses, positions of power, even the amount of friends on social media, etc. Is this really a blessed life and life of Christ? What if we prayed for God to disturb our comfort and disrupt our plans for His and What would this look like biblically? What would our lives look like then? Adventurous, unknown, and uncomfortable. Just like Jesus’, His disciples, and His apostles from the Bible.

So let’s do a self check here for a minute: your prayers are not only important but also revealing to your walk! The content of our prayers tells us more about us and our relationship with God than most people might imagine. What we pray for reflects what we believe about God. If most of our prayers are for “ourselves” or “what matters to us,” then the content of our prayers communicates that we believe, deep down, that God only exists primarily for us and what we want.

So take a moment and do a prayer audit. Think about everything you prayed for recently—not your whole lifetime, just the past seven days…

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