Blended families have unique challenges that nuclear marriages and families do not face, and most local churches are not equipped to meet those needs. But there is hope! Blended Together Forever desires to partner with local churches to provide the resources needed to stabilize blended families and prevent re-divorce.

This study has been designed to engage families in all stages of marriage and remarriage in a meaningful and realistic conversation about the challenges of blending complex families together. It is our prayer that each participant is filled with hope and high expectations at the end of the 16 weeks we will spend together. Each week, we believe you will be challenged to
think, grow, and even change.

We have created the guide to have a facilitator lead the group discussion each week, covering the material presented in each chapter. Each week, we will highlight new concepts and re-enforce others as we dig deeper into Foundational Points. These points are designed for you to fill in the blanks on key statements that we want you to focus on in the coming week. All 16 chapters are followed by The Week Ahead section. This gives couples the opportunity to answer reflective questions and complete exercises together or as a family, depending on the week.

When your group reconvenes, we encourage participants to have a few minutes of each class to share some insights and experiences gained through the exercises from the week prior. We are so excited to join you on this journey to a stronger, healthier blended family. When we got married, we never, in our wildest dreams, imagined this. Simply put, we lived and learned,
and now we are called to make a difference.

Craig & Gina Morgan
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