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Caught Downstream

Recently a Pastor told me the following story.
He started, “Have you heard of the new book written by Andy Stanley?
It’s called the New rules of love, sex, and dating.
In my church we tend to catch these people downstream.”
Let me tell you about Natalie.
Natalie is a grand-daughter and lives with her godly grandmother in my church.
She lives with her man, got pregnant, and ends up having twins.
He brings in a previous child, and they all live together because it’s functional.
Jessica has three different children from three different fathers.
The kids have no continuity, and they live together because it’s functional.
She comes from survival people who live in survival mode and sex is part of the necessity to survive.
Jenny was a Valedictorian and got pregnant at age 17.
They married to do the right thing, and then she goes off to college.
They have a second child to show their family is legitimate.
She has an affair with a guy at work and gets divorced.
Now her and her new man each bring two kids into the mix.
It seems that these people in my church have a “functional strategy.”
What is the redemptive strategy when this is your life?
This pastor was looking for answers.
The blended reality of his little church seemed overwhelming.
Would you help us so we can help him? And many pastors like him.
Craig Morgan
December 22, 2015

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