Craig and Gina


Our story began on July 5th, 1993 - a blind date orchestrated by a mutual friend. We both thought our first marriages could weather any storm. Neither one of us thought we would ever love again, much less survive the rejection and hurt from a divorce.   We never realized God would change our family legacy forever.

God had a plan. He brought us together on January 13, 1996 and we blended together FOREVER.

His, mine and ours, 7 beautiful children and 2 grandchildren, now 20 plus years later with lots of stories, lots of mistakes, tears and laughter. Our family is a true miracle of God's loving grace.


Blended Together Forever, founded by Craig and Gina Morgan, is a ministry that exists to offer hope, encouragement, and resources to blended families.

The inspiration for Blended Together Forever came from Craig and Gina’s first-hand experience. In 1996 they blended their seven “his, hers, and ours” children to become one big beautiful family. Now 20 plus years later, after a lot of laughter and tears, victories and mistakes, our family is a true miracle, a work in progress, and a testimony of God's loving grace. 

In 2011, Craig and Gina felt a push from the Lord to share what they had learned and to equip others to create a new legacy for their family – one of relentless love and overflowing grace; a marriage legacy worth repeating for generations to come. 

Blended families have unique challenges that nuclear marriages and families don’t face, and most local churches are not equipped to meet those needs. But there is hope! Blended Together Forever desires to partner with local churches to provide the resources needed to stabilize blended families and prevent re-divorce.


Make a positive impact on families in our communities.  

"When we were married, we never, in our wildest dreams imagined this.  Simply put, we lived and learned and now are called to make a difference."


Craig & Gina Morgan 



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