Divorced and remarried?
Trying to blend “his” and “hers” into “ours”?
Let us at Blended Together Forever help you make your family WHOLE again!


Discover the foundational building blocks to a faith based, healthy blended family. This study has been designed to engage families in all stages of marriage and remarriage, in a meaningful and realistic conversation of the challenges faced when blending complex families together. Each week, of this sixteen-week study, we believe you will be challenged to think, grow and even change as God speaks to you about his vision for your family.

Our new book is coming soon!

Blended families have unique challenges that nuclear marriages and families don’t face.

Unfortunately most local churches are not equipped to meet those needs, but there is hope!

Blended Together Forever partners with local churches to provide the resources needed to stabilize blended families and prevent re-divorce.

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