Charlie Tuttle – Genesis Church

“When I met Craig I liked him immediately. Over the years, God has used Craig to speak directly into my life. He and Gina are an true inspiration to blended families and made a lasing impact on families in my church."

June Hunt – Hope for the Heart

“Over the years, Gina and Craig Morgan have learned countless lessons about blended families the hard way… I heartily recommend their ministry, which has been a blessing to the HOPE FOR THE HEART staff family and to me.”

John McKinzie – Hope Fellowship

“Having Craig and Gina share their story at Hope Fellowship was an exceptional experience! They were open and shared their life lessons with such grace and strength – both the good and the bad! Their stories were encouraging, practical and challenging on so many levels to our families! I’m so thankful for Craig and Gina and how they have allowed God to use them!”

Ron Deal – Family Life

“Craig & Gina are qualified guides helping blended families find success and churches to minister to today’s fastest growing type of family. I recommend them and their ministry to you.”

Dana Hamman – Foundation Coaching Group

“Craig and Gina Morgan have a heart for impacting blended families because they ‘get’ the struggle! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing them through the ups and downs of 20+ years of blended family life and they are the REAL DEAL! Together, they will impact families for Christ and all those stories that once were once painful obstacles in their lives will serve to help others overcome!“

John Maxwell – The John Maxwell Company

“I’ve known Craig and Gina for many years; they’re so solid. I love them, and they are committed to each other, and they are committed to bringing Blended Families together. These two have been doing it and you can follow them.”

Dr.Jeff Williams – First Denton

“Craig and Gina led a retreat for several of our married couples. Each couple was encouraged, equipped and challenged to grow marriages that honor God and bless their families.”