Love Recon Seminar

Event details

  • July 27, 2019
  • All Day
  • 1981 North Central Expressway, Richardson TX 75080
  • 866-218-1716

Craig and Gina are excite to introduce, LoveRecon to our blended families. Love Recon is an intense, interactive, 4-day, 36-hour marriage and relationship program designed for all couples no matter your relationship status. LoveRecon helps couples with communication, conflict management, connection, intimacy, building on or restoring love in the relationship and relational growth.

We invite you to join us at a dynamic and fresh alternative approach to traditional family, marriage and relationship counseling. Participants will undergo a four-day interactive, fast-paced, and intense seminar carefully designed to help couples resolve their issues within a safe space.

You will learn to resolve your relational issues together, reigniting your passion and moving forward stronger and full of hope. The best part? The four-day LoveRecon seminar is just the beginning! You will graduate your seminar armed with all the tools you need to continue deepening your love and trust, for life.

  • Rated by Graduates as a Major Life EventAccording to many of our graduates, their LoveRecon and LifeRecon experience counts in the Top 5 events of their lives. Our programs are truly life-changing — promoting profound personal and relational healing and growth.
  • 80% Success RateHave you filed for divorce or thinking about it? Give yourselves a fighting chance with the LoveRecon program. With our 80% success rate in saving marriages (especially those who’ve already filed for divorce), allow yourself to believe in your relationship once more.
  • Proven and Tested TechniquesYou will be an active participant in your own healing throughout the four-dayLoveReconandLifeReconprograms. Learn to understand and resolve your core struggles as individuals and as a couple. Look forward to experiential activities plus mental and emotional interactive drills founded on specialized techniques.

Craig and Gina will be speaking on Day 4, July 24th.  Make plans to join us and commit met to bringing healing, health and restoration to your marriage.  For more information and registration go to: