Gaining Traction

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; Yes, with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7 ASV


The Lord is adding to Blended Together Forever.

Blended families have unique challenges that nuclear marriages and families don’t face.

The typical local church is not meeting blended families needs to stabilize the family, and prevent re-divorce.


But there is hope.

We are gaining traction.

Look at some recent events.


February & March Events


W.e spoke @ City Church on a great panel discussion with Pastors Ray and Wendy Harmon.




Craig taught about character, networking and perseverance @ Jarvis Christian College with BFLI. (Breakfast with Fred Leadership Institute)




Craig met recently with Judy Douglass, wife of CEO Steve Douglass with Campus Crusade (CRU) about future events.




Mandi Milton of Hope Fellowship pleaded and challenged the continuation of small groups/home groups after we finished our 8-week series.




On Sunday, March 18 we will speak @ Northside Baptist in Corsicana.




Pastor Rick Lamb saw the need for his church and contacted us to come down to kick off their blended ministry.

Tell your friends to tune in tomorrow @ 11:00am at Northside Baptist Church in Corsicana. http://www.nbchurch.net

The service will be seen on Facebook Live and Local TV Channel 3.

Blended Together Forever is crossing denominational, social, and cultural boundary lines to help marriages & families.

And If other local church sees the need, provides them resources, we can help the local church everywhere.

The Lord is helping us gain traction.

Will YOU help us gain traction too?


Craig and Gina

Office: 972-589-5275

Website: www.blendedtogether.org

Facebook: Blended Together Forever


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