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Good Friday 2021

Dear friends and family,

Good Friday can seem like anything but “good”.

My friend and pastor said a few minutes ago at the 12 noon service that we tend to rush to Easter Sunday and fail to stop on Friday. I agree; I think it’s good for all of us to stop – to stop and mourn in a godly, healthy way.

When I reflect on this day, entitlement leaves me. Selfishness leaves me. Earthly concerns leave me.

What gets replaced is a larger view of God. A smaller view of self. And it’s a good feeling.

It’s been said our problem in America is our “view of God is too small and view of self is too big.”

May Good Friday take on a new meaning.
May we make “blending issues” smaller.
May we make our Lord LARGER.

Making the family WHOLE again,
Craig & Gina
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