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My Mother and Me

Mom is in heaven.
She was the greatest encourager of my entire life.
I grew up actually believing she was a perfect person.

I got my strength from my mom.
I learned loyalty by watching my mom.
She taught me how to celebrate life.

The picture of Mom & me was taken Mother’s Day, 2016.
The picture of Gina and my Mom was taken this year on Mother’s Day.
The two most beautiful ladies in my entire life.

My Mom was healthy all her life so everyone was in shock when we heard the news.
On August 20 she was told, “you have a mass, and it’s metastasized”.
She passed away September 20.

I took her to the emergency room on August 20 when she got the news.
That night I slept with her in her hospital bed as we both hugged and cried and talked.
She would tell me “you can never have too many hugs”.

She was scared and I prayed God please let me have her pain.
I was with her every day for the last 30 days of her life.
As hard as that was, the last 30 days were a blessing.

I owe much to Gina for allowing me to get up early in the mornings and go be with her and spend many nights with her. My dad was a hero as he learned how to clean, cook, do laundry, doing anything he could to help out @ 94 years old.

Mom gave me wisdom in her last 30 days.
At one point in her life she was busy decorating and furnishing a house and my Me-Maw, her Mother, said “Jackie, it’s later than you think.”
In other words, it’s just stuff.

Blended Together Forever became her favorite charity.
In lieu of flowers, she wanted people to make a donation to this ministry.
Below is her tribute video and her obituary.


She would tell me her favorite Bible verse was “Jesus wept.”
I asked her why is that your favorite verse, mom?
She said, “it showed that Jesus was fully human and he cared for all the people.”

There were things I didn’t know about Mom.
She was voted the most popular girl in high school in 1945 and I didn’t know that.
She had her wounds like us all.

She was homecoming queen at Bartlesville High School her senior year.
She met my Dad at a bus stop.
She married Dad in 1952.

Mom loved life and she was in awe of God’s creation.
The cards and letters mailed to her stated of her “kind spirit” and “sense of humor”.
And as hard as it was, she made the most of her last 30 days of life.


Mom & Dad were married almost 70 years.
This is how love started.
And this is how love ended.

I saw it in action for 65 years.

I love you Mom.
I miss you so much.
But I will see you again; we will all see you again.

Craig Morgan
October 8, 2021

PS: I had a call at 4:36 AM on September 20. It was Sandra, our care giver who said “your mom is not responding.“ I jumped up and said I’ll be right there.

God, in his graciousness, gave me this song at 4:38 PM that afternoon that we played at mom’s funeral.

Interestingly, my brother Kurt leaned over to me & told me God gave him the same song. It was a Godwink.

No Scars in Heaven, by casting crowns

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