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Podcast #11- Interview with Libba Tullos

Welcome to 2020! We are so very excited to join you in the new year. Shortly before the holidays, we had the opportunity to sit down with our dear friend Libba Tullos. We were connected with this amazing woman when she was serving as a Creative Pastor at Hope Fellowship in Frisco, TX. Several years ago, before we even launched Blended Together Forever, we were invited to share our experiences with our friends and church community. Although we felt a mix of nervous excitement, Libba made sure to put us at ease and assisted us in seeing the vision for sharing our story.

Today, Libba is an educator, communicator and coach who motivates others to boldly share their gifts and talents with the world. As an educator, Libba comes into contact with children whose lives are disrupted by their parents’ divorce and identifies fear as being the number one emotion shown. The kids are fearful about where they will live, who will support them, if their parents will ever get along, where they will fit in their parents’ priorities, and the list goes on. The most fearful are the ones whose parents have turned on each other. But Libba offers hope with stories of families who have done well and how we can turn away from the shame that is felt by many.

Join us for this fun and insightful discussion about kids, blended families and the restoration that comes only through Christ.



You can learn more about Libba and connect with her at her website


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