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Podcast #12 -Grady Davidson Podcast

Each year I take a week to get away to Chattanooga Tennessee.  I use this time alone for prayer and studying my bible, as well as an opportunity to reflect on the year ending and plan for the upcoming year.  It is always a time of great renewal.  One of the highlights of this annual trip are the times I get to connect with my old friend Grady Davidson. He is the pastor of  Lookout Valley Presbyterian Church. Like most pastors, he sees that families come to him and the church when they are already in crisis or after they have ended in divorce.  One of the prayers of our ministry is to reach blended families, give them the tools and resources to build stronger marriages and families.  By stepping into these families earlier, we can help them beat the statistics of second marriage failure.

We took an opportunity to video a conversation about how the our book Building Blocks to Making the Family WHOLE Again can help families find restoration and healing.  I hope this conversation will inspire you to look for opportunities in your community, church, or school to lean into blended families, and walk with them.

Grady has a special place in his heart for families in his community that I am excited to share with you.

If you want to know more or connect with Grady you can visit his website at



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