Stepmothers Day 2021


Dear friends and family,

We have a message from our good friend Claudette Chenevert (@stepmomcoach), a coach for stepmoms and a stepmother herself.

Her message is below – we hope you enjoy it!

Today is Stepmother’s Day.

And I’m celebrating this day by doing nothing. By that, I mean, I plan on reading a book (I’m in Agatha Christie these days,) enjoy a nice glass of wine with Bernard and play a few rounds of Yahtzee.

Stepmother’s Day is for you to commemorate being a stepmom, if you feel like honoring this role.

I know that being a stepmom may not be something you feel like being glorified for. It’s one of the hardest, most complicated and unappreciated role you’ve ever done, right? And if you’re like many stepmoms I’ve spoken with, becoming a stepmom wasn’t your first choice.

In case you wonder if there are any stepmoms who are happy and love their role as a stepmom, the answer is yes! They’re the lucky ones. And I love hearing their stories because it gives us hope and possibility to creating a strong and healthy stepfamily.

For today, my message to you it to let you know that I see you and honor you on Stepmother’s Day. Celebrate in a way that you feel right for you.

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