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A tribute to my friend, Ed Yates

Dear friends and family,

Today I heard my dear friend has passed away. My heart is broken and very saddened.

Just 10 days ago he sent me this email to encourage me…

Craig and Gina: Many, many thanks for your delightful, thoughtful, and original expression! God bless you and yours! I pray for you a joyous and delightful Christmas celebration which captures the glory and salvation of our Lord. Ed Yates

The last time I personally saw Ed was at a RREACH Banquet. This picture of us is one I will treasure forever.

Ed taught me “specifics”. He would say, “Craig, tell me SPECIFICALLY how I can pray for you.”

So on Sun, Nov 29, 2020 at 3:43 PM I wrote him, following his lead:
Hi Ed, how can I specifically pray for you?

His response:
Craig: Thanks! I am fast approaching 94 years (Feb. 20, 2021). I will appreciate your praying that I will keep my mind clear and active, as I continue to study and meditate on the Word of God, to do my duty for my Lord, family and church where I worship. Gloria is about a year younger, and I will appreciate the same prayers for her. I a pray for your ministry and for your wife as well. I hope you continue to send your emails. Ed

Ed met with me & wrestled in prayer at the start of Blended Together Forever. It was Ed the Lord chose to speak through when we were trying to find our way. I will always remember these words from my dear friend, Ed: “Well Craig, it sounds to me like you’re trying to make the Family WHOLE again.”

Well done, my friend. I miss you already – but I will see you again.

Making the family WHOLE again,
Craig & Gina
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