Craig Morgan

Craig is a public speaker and a leadership trainer. After building his own private business he has a passion for sharing the secrets of success based in commitment to his faith. Craig also has a passion for raising boys in a world where they are constantly challenged in finding their identity and place. As Co-founder of Blended Together Forever, Craig has been a National Sales Director with Primerica for 35 years. He loves all sports, plays golf, and loves reading. A gifted leader and communicator, Craig saw the need to help blended families everywhere. His speaking style combines humor, content, and a challenge to take action.

Subjects of Interest

  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Identity: when the biological parent(s) leave or are M.I.A.
  • Parenting, Step-parenting and Co-parenting – Common pit falls and advise from experience.
  • Keeping your marriage number one
  • Communication and Vision